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Flex Billing
This job aid provides a "what you need to know" guide to Flex Billing, including self-service options and available payment methods.
Billing Notifications
This job aid reviews the information available on the Billing Notices tab in Agent Center.
Review Billing Account Summary
This job aid reviews the information available in the Billing Account Summary.
Cancel or Suspend FlexChek
This job aid reviews how to cancel or suspend automatic payments.
Change Billing Due Date
This job aid reviews how you can change the customer's billing due date.
Change Billing Frequency/Pay Plan
This job aid reviews how to change the customer's payment plan.
Pay a Bill
This job aid reviews processing a customer's payment.
Review Next Invoice Estimator
This job aid reviews the next invoice estimator feature in the billing system.
Search for a Billing Account
This job aid reviews how to easily search for customer billing account information.
Set up Automatic Payments (FlexChek)
This job aid reviews how to set up automatic payments for your clients.
Set up Billing and Issue Policy in PolicyCenter
Video runtime: 3 min 45 sec

This video walks through the process of setting up billing, issuing a quote, and completing the eSignature process in PolicyCenter. This video is intended for b...
Billing Inquiry in Agent Center
Video runtime: 0 min 27 sec

This video reviews how to access billing details in Agent Center Workspace.
Billing Info in PolicyCenter
Video runtime: 0 min 31 sec

This video reviews the high level billing information available in PolicyCenter.
Administrative Billing Options
This job aid reviews administrative billing options, including commission statements.
Access Billing Statements
This job aid reviews how to access billing statements.
Paperless Selection at Point of Sale/Service
This job aid describes how policies default to paperless at point of sale, steps to update at point of sale, tips for advocating Paperless policy preferences and setting expectations for customers, an...
Job Aid: BAM to Agent Center Billing
This job aid highlights differences between the Billing Account Management billing system and Agent Center billing, and walks through payment options available in Agent Center.