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Virtual Meeting Excellence
Video runtime: 16 min

This on-demand course will develop your skills and understanding of the virtual environment including how to leverage technology and be more effective in your role.
Video runtime: 8 min 28 sec

The video reviews prospecting and how to make it intentional, scheduled and high priority. It also reviews the importance of a marketing niche.

Building Effective Sales Techniques: Build Rapport
In module one (1), learners will learn how to discuss the benefit of establishing rapport with clients; engage clients in meaningful conversations at your first contact; and identify the Human-Busines...
Building Effective Sales Techniques: Identify and Assess Needs and Sell the Solution
In module two (2), learners will review how to determine what is important to the customer through engaging questions, self-discovery, and more. Objectives: Determine what is important to the prospect...
Building Effective Sales Techniques: Address Apathy and Resolve Concerns
In module three (3), learners will review how to identify and address customer apathy, along with learning techniques on how to provide satisfactory options. Objectives:
Identify and address cust...
Building Effective Sales Techniques: Make the Sale and Own the Next Steps
In module four (4), learners will review how to ask questions, offer choices and work toward making a sale. They will also review techniques on setting proper expectations and owning the follow-ups wi...